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The excellent BBC and their not-so-excellent generalisation on The Germans

I love to listen to the BBC via internet. I savour the World Service and Radio 4, especially the FM version, they are fun, well made and keep me up-to-date with high-quality journalism and a different view on the world.

Which gets me to where I was getting to. So often, the BBC journalists and moderators talk about ‘the Germans’ and ‘the German standpoint’. And I ask myself: What would ‘the English standpoint’ be in any situation? The opinion of the people? Which people, the rich, the poor? Or would it perhaps be the generally agreed position of the government?

Anyhow, much the same questions apply to Germany. A German right-winger would have a different opinion than a left-winger. One can easily blame most Germans for being pretty influenced by the media, as one could say of almost any nation, I guess, most certainly of the US-Americans, the Russians and the Italians. But it certainly is not so that all Germans agree with Angela Merkel. So when I hear what ‘the Germans’ want used synonymously with what Mrs Merkel thinks, I cringe slightly.

After all, dear BBC, wouldn’t that be the same with ‘the British’ and Mr Cameron?

I have honestly no idea what the Germans on this picture are thinking

I have honestly no idea what the Germans on this picture are thinking